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Arabian Green Buildings Co. is a Specialty LEED® Design Management, GSAS Design Management & Training Company dedicated to helping its clients certify their high performance buildings under LEED® Rating Systems & GSAS Rating System. We offer a variety of services that appeal to both businesses and individuals.

Our services include: LEED® & GSAS Design Management, Building Certification Facilitation and Training. We developed a comprehensive, clear, and concise sustainable design management and methodology to assist project owners and design/construction teams achieve LEED® and/or GSAS certification. The process has proven to be consistently successful in providing the following service packages:

Green Building Certification Facilitation 

During the early Planning Stage of a building project, we may be hired by the building owner/developer as Green Building Facilitators to guide the whole process from inception to completion towards achieving sustainability goals or earning certain certification. Our involvement may include:

  • Green Building Feasibility Assessment
  • Conducting & managing a successful eco-charette to set the goals of the project
  • Estimating Cost Implications of Green Building (Life Cycle Cost Analysis – LCCA)
  • Implementation of Integrated Design Process (IDP)
  • Preparation of Green Building Program
  • Writing RFP’s to hire the Main Consultant
  • Initial Review of a Preliminary Design
  • Writing RFP’s to hire a Commissioning Authority (CxA)
  • Managing & Facilitating the Certification Process under the required rating system (LEED©/GSAS)
  • Managing & Directing the Design & Construction Teams throughout certification process
  • Tracking, measuring & reporting progress to the client
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Green Building Design Management & Guidance 

After the project design is awarded to a specific consultant, we may be hired by the Design Team as Green Building Design Managers to guide the design towards achieving the building owner’s goals. Our involvement may include:

  • Schematic Design (SD) Sustainability Review
  • Design Development (DD) Sustainability Review
  • Construction Documentation (CD) Sustainability Review
  • Supporting the design team in:
    • Writing proper RFP’s to hire Performance Modelers
    • Incorporating sustainability language in the Project Documents & Specifications
    • Preparation of compliance forms & templates
  • Assurance of Compliance to the Certification Requirements
  • Coordinate between all design disciplines
  • Tracking, measuring & reporting progress
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Green Building Technical Support & Coordination 

After the project construction is awarded to a specific contractor, we may be hired by the Construction Team as Green Building Project Managers to guide the construction towards achieving the building owner’s goals. Our involvement may include:

  • Evaluation of Construction Documentation & Specifications
  • Providing Green Building Technical Support to the Construction Team
  • Assisting the construction team in:
    • Writing proper RFP’s to hire sub-contractors
    • Material Submittals compliance review
    • Preparation of Construction Waste Management Plan
    • Preparation of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Plan, during Construction
    • Documentation Requirements of compliance forms & templates
    • Writing proper RFP’s to hire Commissioning Authority (CxA)
  • Coordination between Construction Team & Green Building Facilitator
  • Tracking, measuring & reporting progress 
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Existing Building Sustainability Advisory 

After the construction of a building is complete, we may be hired by the Building Owner/Facility Manager as Sustainable Advisors to guide the Operations & Maintenance of the existing building towards achieving higher performance and cost saving. Our involvement may include:

  • Existing Conditions Evaluation Report
  • Sustainable Operations Feasibility Assessment
  • Recommending Sustainable O&M plans and measures
  • Providing Green Training to O&M Staff
  • Managing the Certification Process of the existing building
  • Tracking, measuring & reporting progress
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Public Awareness & Knowledge Promotion 

We believe that sustainability in buildings cannot be achieved without involving the building’s owner & end-user. We have a great passion to spread the knowledge of Sustainability & Green Building practices. We have been invited to deliver public speeches in a number of events & conferences that addressed those concepts. We are always ready to fulfil any request to share our knowledge in a public scale. Our involvement may include:

  • Public Awareness & Knowledge Promotion
  • Delivering Key-note Speeches at pertaining Conferences
  • Conducting Sustainable Awareness Seminars & Sessions
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Green Building Education & Training

Arabian Green Buildings Co. was the first company to provide local LEED© training based on the new version of LEED© (Version 3.0 – 2009). Started in March 21, 2010, our LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation course has gained the best reputation in the local market for being comprehensive, informative & professional. Hundreds of building design & construction professionals working as designers, consultants, contractors, facility managers and real estate developers; found their way to LEED through our comprehensive courses. We take this opportunity to thank all of you for your continuous support and trust. The course has been delivered widely in public and corporate settings. Our records have shown a very high level of satisfaction and positive feedback from our clients. Our involvement may include:

  • LEED© Exam Preparation Courses (LEED GA & LEED AP)
  • LEED© Certification Management Courses.
  • Credit-by-Credit Workshops.
  • Green Building Technical Workshops.
  • QSAS/GSAS Supplementary Courses.
  • Online eLearning Portal for remote education
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